Egger PRO Aqua+

Egger Pro Aqua+

€19.99 sq yrd

50.00 per box

Box Size – 2.56 sq yds

Box price includes 2mm foam underlay

Egger PRO Laminate Flooring with Aqua+ technology provides a moisture resistant and easy-to-clean flooring solution. Aqua+ has the same look and feel as standard laminate flooring and can be installed in the same manner. The contrast stems from the core board composition.

The core of the Aqua+ has been impregnated with water resistant resins, making it 5x more resistant to water swelling than standard laminates. This makes Aqua+ flooring suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms and utility rooms. A fantastic and cost-effective alternative to tiles. Unlike standard laminates, Aqua+ floors can also be steam cleaned (see Egger guidelines) due to its water-resistant core board.

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