The Flatboard is a modern simple design available in Naples velvet cloth and all sizes.

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Naples Velvet :
Naples Black
Naples Blue
Naples Brown
Naples Burgundy
Naples Cream
Naples Dark Brown
Naples Grey
Naples Lilac
Naples Mustard
Naples Olive
Naples Pink
Naples Purple
Naples Silver
+ 8 more
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3ft Single, 4ft Small Double, 4ft6in Double, 5ft King, 6ft Super King

Naples Velvet

Naples Black, Naples Blue, Naples Brown, Naples Burgundy, Naples Cream, Naples Dark Brown, Naples Grey, Naples Lilac, Naples Mustard, Naples Olive, Naples Pink, Naples Purple, Naples Silver

Product is avaialble in below zipcode areas.
A41* A42* A45* A63* A67* A75* A81* A82* A83* A84* A85* A86* A91* A92* A94* A96* A98* C15* D01* D02* D03* D04* D05* D06* D07* D08* D09* D10* D11* D12* D13* D14* D15* D16* D17* D18* D20* D22* D24* D6W* E21* E25* E32* E34* E41* E45* E53* E91* F12* F23* F26* F28* F31* F35* F42* F45* F52* F56* F91* F92* F93* F94* H12* H14* H16* H18* H23* H53* H54* H62* H65* H71* H91* K32* K34* K36* K45* K56* K67* K78* N37* N39* N41* N91* P12* P14* P17* P24* P25* P31* P32* P36* P43* P47* P51* P56* P61* P67* P72* P75* P81* P85* R14* R21* R32* R35* R42* R45* R51* R56* R93* R95* T12* T23* T34* T45* T56* V14* V15* V23* V31* V35* V42* V92* V93* V94* V95* W12* W23* W34* W91* X35* X42* X91* Y14* Y21* Y25* Y34* Y35*

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