Satino Royale

Satino Royale

34.99 Sq yd

4m/13ft wide

The Satino collection represents high-quality carpets made from innovative, silk gloss polyamide fibres produced using the latest yarn technology. A technical advance that matches the requirements of modern homes and provides a new cosy atmosphere. The elegant colour range of Satino Royale includes timeless, modern beiges, warm red tones, contemporary pastel colours, fresh green, different shades of grey and much more. A broad selection that helps you personalise your home.

It is something special to feel a Satino carpet. Its smooth soft surface draws you in and invites you to touch, hold and feel. Highest-level comfort for a unique living experience. The Satino polyamide yarn is very durable. It retains its appearance and softness for years without losing any elasticity.

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