Turbo R10

Turbo R10

11.99 Sq yd

Turbo R10 is a soft and natural looking vinyl built with safety and comfort in mind with an R10 anti slip rating.

Ideal for general household use such as kitchens, halls and bathrooms.

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090S Aveo
196M Lancaster
692D Venice Wood
909M Travertine
961M Venice Tile
967m Aged Tile
990 Venice Tile Grey
1300 Cameo
2303 Lion
6035 Anja
7409 Lara
8023 Aveo Dark
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090S Aveo, 196M Lancaster, 692D Venice Wood, 909M Travertine, 961M Venice Tile, 967m Aged Tile, 990 Venice Tile Grey, 1300 Cameo, 2303 Lion, 6035 Anja, 7409 Lara, 8023 Aveo Dark

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