• 4m 13ft wide Extra thick felt backing 100% Bleach cleanable
  • 4m 13ft + 5m 16.5ft wide

  • Gracious is a soft touch soft feel saxony carpet that feels great underfoot and always looks great. It’s bleach cleanable and comesin a range of colours.
  • 4m 13ft + 5m 16.5ft wide

  • Kesari saxony is a super soft saxony which the pile is one inch thick and one of the softest and thickest carpets made. It’s bleach cleanable and comes in a vast amount of colours and comes in two widths 13ft 4mtr & 16.5 5mtr. Previous feedback from customers is great, they love the thick pile and say it feels really warm.
  • Navarro is a soft touch saxony that feels amazing and warms up any room. It’s bleach cleanable and available in 6 colours.
  • 4m 13ft + 5m 16.5ft wide

  • Rio grande saxony is a bleach cleanable saxony that comes in 6 colours and has been one of our top sellers for a number of years and was recently revamped. It feels lovely underfoot.
  • Shepherd twist carpet is a 40oz twist pile carpet that’s bleach cleanable which is very hard wearing and suitable for stairs and other hard wearing areas. It comes in 13ft 4 mtr & 16.5 5mtr widths and in lots of great colours.
  • The soft noble saxony range comes in a vast range of colours and stripes. It comes on a choice of canvas or felt backing and the plain colours are also available in the extra wide widths of 16.5ft 5mtr & the standard 13ft 4mtr widths. The stripes only come 13ft 4mtr widths it’s a luxurious soft pile carpet that’s bleach cleanable.
  • 4m 13ft wide

    Splendid saxony is a mid pile saxony carpets that comes in lots of colours with a thick felt backing so it can go directly to the floor if needed but does feel better when using underlay. It’s bleach cleanable and one of our most popular carpet ranges.
  • Super noble twist is a hard wearing twist suitable for anywhere in the home. Looks and feels great . Bleach cleanable and comes in 13ft 4mtr & 16.5 5mtr widths. Comes in lots of clean crisp colours and always looks great on the floor.